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Watch these videos once your receive your kit.

Download: Fearless Challenge Calendar

Download and print out this calendar. Follow the challenges and you'll be fearlessly oiling in no time! 


These are amazing resources to help guide you to finding the right oils/products for you! I highly recommend purchasing the app. All the other are additional resources if you want to go deeper!

+ "Reference Guide for Essential Oils" App - Search in your phone's app store. It's only $6.99 and is what I use on the daily basis to figure out what oils to use! You can search any health concern and it will tell you the best oils to use! My #1 recommended resource!!

+ Essential Oils Pocket Reference Book - great if you want additional info beyond the above app or are a paper person

+ Revolution Oils Podcast - awesome podcast to learn more about specific oils and wellness topics - search for it on your favorite podcast app.

+ The Oily Empire Podcast - oil podcast for quick bites of info. 10-15 minute episodes focusing on specific oils and topics - search for it on your favorite podcast app.

+ Jim Bob Haggerton's YouTube - He's a chiropractor that goes into the science of oils, YL products and how they can help you! Great page to search if you are looking for more info on a specific topic: 

+ Lindsey Elmore's FB page - She is on YL's Scientifc Advisory Counsel and is a Chemist and Pharmacist. She does FB lives weekly going into in depth detail about products and specific topics. 

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Learn more about your starter kit oils. 

The Biz

+ The Possibilities! - This video breaks down the incredible potential of building a Young Living Business! Watch the whole thing if you are even a little bit curious about the business (then come talk to me) 

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+ Compensation Plan

if you're interested in pursuing this lifestyle as a business please reach out to lyndsey to get hooked into the mentorship!