21 Day Reset eBook

21 Day Reset eBook

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Are you completely confused about what you "should" be eating? 

Are you way too busy to scroll through Pinterest or page through cookbooks to develop a meal plan or just decide on dinner tonight?

I've done the work for you and made an amazing, delicious and easy 3 week meal plan that is going to totally get you back on track or get you started down the right path! 

Packed with tons of good for you, nutritious, whole foods you don't need to do anything besides grocery shop and cook!

The 21 Day Reset eBook includes:

  • 30+ whole foods, healthy, clean recipes 
  • Notes to change up the recipes for vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free or dairy-free options
  • 3 weekly meal plans; print each out, hang on the fridge and follow along everyday
  • 3 weekly grocery lists; just head to the store, no planning required!
  • Peace of mind knowing you've got 3 weeks of meals completely planned out

A few recipe highlights: Butternut Squash Mac and 'Cheese', Zucchini Bread Overnight Oats & Tropical Matcha Smoothie.

This is NOT a diet! Diets suck! This is the start to a whole new lifestyle. One that includes mac and cheese that doesn't make you feel bloated and gasy the next day! This is a start to eating for energy, fuel and of course enjoyment! This is about exploring how good you could feel!

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