It all started when...

I started exploring non-toxic, plant based remedies and products for the things I used most. I started swapping out my cleaning, beauty, and wellness products after learning just how many toxins (hundreds!!!!) I was putting on, in and around my body EVERYDAY! And then I learned about all of the side effects and reactions linked to those chemicals that I had been using (in a word, terrifying!) I realized I was literally poisoning myself and my family! 

Use the app ThinkDirty to investigate your products to see what I mean! 

I was determine to swap out the junk for more gentle and natural alternatives! The problem was, I was spending HOURS researching the best products to buy and was completely overwhelmed! I don't know about you, but when I have too many choices and too much information I go into analysis paralysis! 

I remember, I stopped cleaning my house for weeks because I was frozen with uncertainty about what all-purpose cleaner I should buy! Vitamins and supplements were an even harder decision!

Too many options and I didn't know who to trust. 

I just wanted it to be easy! 

And then, just when I was about to say screw it, I was introduced to not only essential oils but the amazing company, Young Living, and all they had to offer! Talk about letting go and finding alignment! 

It felt like the universe gave me just what I needed! It all clicked! I could replace virtually everything I wanted to replace with essential oils or other plant based products without any more research!!! 

So I bought an oils kit, mixed up my own concoctions, swapped out old products for new (probiotics, all-purpose cleaner, makeup, deodorant, omega-3 supplement, shampoo, face cleanser, moisturizer...) as my old ones ran out.  I cleaned out my medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies, makeup bag, shower caddy and simply never looked back. 

I finally had 1, go-to place to get all of my wellness essentials!

+ Supplements and superfoods that support my wellness journey and overall health!

+ Plant-based, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, from a company I could without a doubt trust, for every need imaginable (seriously, think of something....got it?...there's an oil for that!)

+ Home cleaning products that last FOREVER and smell like the holidays; and don't leave me with a headache and blurry vision!

+ Makeup, beauty & skin care that elevate my hair and skin without putting my health in harms way. 

Most importantly I found a company to partner with that cares about my health, almost, as much as I do! Check out their Seed to Seal Promise!

If you have the goal to detox your life, elevate your vibration and improve your overall health I invite you to partner with us and explore the world of essential oils and essential oil infused products. These products and company have completely changed my life & health and it would be my sincere honor to coach you through your transition to a more plant-based, toxin-free, healthy lifestyle! 

 Check out the catelog 

Check out the catelog