Essential Oils

& Clean Living.

Welcome to Exploring Wellness! A place to explore & discover what wellness means to you! 

You're here because you know it's about time you put yourself first; body, mind & soul. But, where do  you start? 

I've been there...confused, overwhelmed, and tired of feeling disconnected from my body and life. Not knowing where to start.

And then I found essential oils and my world wad flipped upside down! I learned how to detox my body and home, never knowing life could feel this GOOD. I dove deep into healing myself on an emotional level. I discovered a world where I'm constantly inspired to dream big, pursue my fantasies, and push boundaries!  I am constantly exploring and discovering something new and have fallen in love with the process rather than the destination and I'm inviting you to do the same! 

What's beautiful is that no two journeys are exactly the same but in the Exploring Wellness Society we are all there to support each other!

Exploring Wellness is about living a clean, chemical free life; one that is filled with wellness, purpose and abundance! 

What I hope to teach everyone is that health is about way more than just a number on a scale and miles logged on the treadmill. It's actually not about those things at all! My wish is for the world to live a life full of wellness and that means take a holistic perspective on life. Wellness means looking at everything you put in, on and around your body. Wellness means looking at how you spend your time and the people you surround yourself with.

Exploring wellness is about finding your ideal LIFESTYLE and not striving for perfection or even balance, but striving to live each and every day intentionally. I'm here to help, guide and inspire you!