Surviving the Winter - Staying Well All Year Round

surviving the winter - staying well all year long

It seems like everyone is dropping like flies around me! Anyone else?? We are well into winter and it has been COLD here in the Northeast! Staying above the wellness line can be a struggle for some this time of year! I believe staying well is not just something you should worry about when you start to feel bad, it's a daily practice so that when everyone is dropping like flies, you aren't. For me, I do little things everyday that will, hopefully, keep me well all year long. Sure, I get sick occasionally, it happens; like when you spend a Monday night kissing and snuggling your friend's 9 month old even though she's sick because she so stinkin' cute and has the worlds cutest smile. Life happens, but there is a ton you can do to stay as close to that wellness line as possible. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite practices that up my immune system all year long or some things I rely on when I drop below that wellness line. 

+ Stay hydrated:

I know I know it sounds so simple but this is seriously my first recommendation for everything! Your body needs water to function properly. Anytime you're dehydrated all different systems are affected. In the winter we often forget about water because we are cold but we still need to drink up. Find your favorite water bottle and keep it with you always! 

BONUS TIP: If water is just so boring to you, add a pinch of high quality pink or gray salt and 1 drop of Lemon Vitality or Peppermint Vitality essential oils to make things more interesting! 

+ Get an everyday immune system boost with Thieves essential oil:

Thieves is an amazing oil blend created to keep your immune system happy! I put a roller top on my Thieves bottle and roll it on my feet every night before I go to bed. Thieves comes in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit so if you aren't a member yet you can get started right away when you get your kit

BONUS TIP: When you do feel like you are dropping below the wellness line make a Wellness Tea with Thieves:

  • 1/2 tsp of raw honey (raw is important as it has the health benefits that regular honey does not)
  • 1 - 2 drops of Thieves
  • 1-2 drops Copaiba (optional - added immune system boost)
  • 1 cup hot water
  • Mix honey and Thieves together and then mix into water and enjoy! 

+ Up your respiratory support:

Running a diffuser in your home, especially next to you while you sleep, is an amazing way to keep yourself breathing easy! Young Living diffusers also act as a cool mist humidifier, adding moisture to the air! A few oils to diffuse to support your respiratory system would be Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Thieves and most importantly R.C. a blend from Young Living that was created specifically for respiratory care! When you need some additional support using a DIY chest rub or roller like Breathe Again from YL on your chest, back and under your nose you'll feel everything just open up!

BONUS TIP: DIY Chest Rub - I'm lazy so I go for the quickest way to make something like this. All I do is grab small glass jar and fill it with coconut oil. Drop 10-15 drops of any of the following oils:

  • Thieves + Eucalyptus
  • Eucalyptus
  • R.C.
  • Peppermint + Lemon  

Scoop some out and rub it on your chest, neck, and back. Bedtime is my favorite for this. 

+ Get plenty of sleep:

Days are shorter and our bodies need rest because that is when they repair. So get plenty of shut eye this time of year. Have you ever gotten sick after a long weekend or a couple days of very little sleep? Yup, me too. We need sleep people! 7-8 hours is optimal so stop Netflix binging and head to bed earlier!

BONUS TIP: Use essential oils to get the BEST. SLEEP. EVER!! My favorites to diffuse are Lavender, Stress Away, Cedarwood, and Frankincense. I also keep a roller of Frankincense and Lavender on my night stand and roll it on my feet and neck every night. Another great roller is one you can get pre-made from YL and that's Tranquil. This one seriously helps when it's hard to sleep! If you have been using the same sleepy time oil for a while now, switch it up because the effects start to weaken as we use the same stuff over and over! 

Take a detox bath: 

When was the last time you took a bath? I LOVE them and I do it almost weekly! This is a great way to draw out toxins from your body and take in minerals! All you need is 3 ingredients!

  • 1/4 cup epsom salts - make sure they are plain and unscented
  • 1/4 cup baking soda 
  • 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oils! Lavender or Frankincense are my favorite for relaxing. R.C. or Eucalyptus are perfect if you are feeling the need for some respiratory support. PanAway is just what you need if you are sore and achy! 

BONUS TIP: Mix the EOs into the epsom salts or baking soda before mixing into the hot water. This helps the oils disperse in the bath and not just sit on top! 

+ Daily Antioxidant Boost

Getting your daily dose of antioxidants should be a top priority year round! Why? Well, antioxidants battle the free radicals we are bombarded with every day. When our bodies are overwhelmed by free radicals and do not have enough antioxidants to combat them a number of diseases are triggered and premature aging begins. No thank you! Free radicals can be can be found in the food, medicines, air, and water we consume daily. Our bodies even produce some! Antioxidants are made by our body but the majority come from a good diet of fruits, vegetables, teas, spices and herbs.

Getting enough every day can be tough so I take a daily 1-2 oz shot of NingXia Red, Young Living's antioxidant superfood drink! NingXia Red's primary ingredient is purred Wolfberry (aka gojo berry) which has extremely high levels of antioxidants, provides 11 essential amino acids, and tons of potassium, vitamin C, fiber and protein.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine wolfberries are used to obtain greater health, vitality, longevity, energy and stamina. 

If you aren't a member of Young Living yet you can get your own supply of NingXia Red with the NingXia Starter Kit! Find out more here! Two sample packets also come in the Premium Starter Kit! 

Elderberry Syrup - For when you drop below the wellness line

This is my final go to I keep on hand, in my freezer, year round and take anytime we start to feel below the wellness line. Making my own elderberry syrup is super easy, cheaper than buying at the store, and I have found to be super effective! It is an amazing home remedy for winter season annoyances. I use this recipe!  

Use these tips and most importantly be consistent. You want to take of yourself and keep yourself well rather than constantly fighting to get better. 

Until next time, 

Keep Exploring!! 


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