Roundup: Fitness Made Easy

Hi darlings! I'm sure you know getting up and moving everyday is so important for your overall health! It not only helps your physique, but it also helps prevent disease and improves your mental and emotional wellness! Since getting back from my honeymoon I've had a particularly difficult time getting back into the swing of things. So what am I doing? I'm leaning on my favorite ways to make my fitness routine as simple and easy as possible.

Here are my favorite fitness go-tos to help you, if you find yourself in a bit of a rut like me! 

1. Tone It Up: This is absolutely number one on my list! I started following TIU a few years ago and quickly became obsessed! I later joined their Nutrition Plan to help me further map out a healthy way of eating. Now, I do not strictly follow the plan the way I used to, but I still love many of the recipes. The awesome thing about TIU and why I recommend it to all my friends is that there is so much free content! Karena and Katrina, the founders of TIU, put together a weekly workout schedule that gets sent right to your inbox. This makes life so easy all you do is open your email and follow the day's workout. They have both videos and printable's to follow, which are super convenient.  

Recently, they started featuring "Daily Moves," which are 5-6 moves they incorporate into the overall day's workout. When I am having a busy day or just am not in the mood for a long workout I try to, at a minimum, complete the Daily Moves and it takes usually 7-10 minutes. The TIU community is pretty amazing just check out the hashtag #TIUteam and you'll see what I mean! Talk about motivation!

2. OneOeight: Last year, I committed myself to a home yoga practice. After the yoga studio closest to my home moved I never found another spot that felt like home! My yoga practice is very important to me, so I committed to practicing at home, sometimes doing my own things and other times following videos. One of my favorite yoga teachers, Rachel Brathen aka @yoga_girl on Instagram, created OneOEight and its a beautiful online community. For just a small monthly fee (about the price of what I was spending to go to a single in person class) I have 100s of yoga classes to choose from as well as meditations and wellness related videos. The best part is that I can do it from the comfort of my home and on my schedule! Between OneOEight and Tone It Up that is how I get moving every day!

3. Fitbit: To try to get myself back into my workout routine I'm starting to wear my Fitbit again. Any kind of gadget that tells you how much or little you have moved in a day is great form of motivation! When I check my steps after work and see I've basically been sitting all day I know what I need to do when I get home! Certainly not necessary for a healthy lifestyle but, if you are lacking motivation a Fitbit or other activity tracker could be a good thing to give a try!

4. Peppermint or Lemongrass Essential Oil: These are amazing aromas are how I support my every changing mood! They are perfect to diffuse or wear before and during any workout session. When I am lacking energy and motivation I always turn to one of these oils to pump me up! Peppermint is very energizing and just gives me the boost I need to push through some toning. Lemongrass is very uplifting so I use it on days my mood is less than stellar. It puts me into a happier mind-set and give me the motivation to roll out my yoga mat! 

Well there you have it ! These are the tools I use to keep movement and fitness a part of my everyday! 

What is your biggest struggle when trying to stick to an exercise routine?