Eating for Energy


Hey loves, today we are going to talk about how to get more energy! Couldn't we all use more of that? As we're at the beginning of summer, we've got longer days, shorter nights and I am sure, if you're like me, a packed calendar! You'll want as much as energy as you can get so that you can enjoy every moment of this beautiful season! Today, I want to explain what food is actually going to give you more energy as well as explaining which, foods are going to actually drain your energy. We are also going to talk about what I like to call "primary foods" or things that nourish your life or detract from your life that are on your plate. So let's get into it.

First let's focus on foods that are going to fill you up and give you some amazing energy. These include: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, organic high-quality animal proteins, wild fish, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds, healthy oils such as coconut oil and olive oil, avocados, raw chocolate, chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca, and clean air and water. These are the foods you'll want to center your diet around. You don't have to eat all of them so if you are vegan or vegetarian animal proteins don't need to be included. Or if you are sensitive to grains just leave those out. Everyone is different and we all have our own unique individual way of best nourishing our bodies; so choose the foods on this list that best suit your lifestyle and try to eat them 90% of the time.

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So what foods are going to actually decrease your energy levels. These include: chemicalized  artificial junk food, processed foods, refined grains, conventional and/or excessive meat, conventional and/or excessive dairy, caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans fat, and toxic air and water. These are the foods that you want to steer clear of because they'll slow you down, clog up your body, and have you running well below your prime. They have low or no nutritional benefits and should be eaten in very limited amounts, if at all. 

Looking at the two lists it's easy to see the differences. The energy increasing list is only whole foods that are packed with energy and high vibrations. The decreasing energy list is full of processed, toxic, fake food that has no business being in our diets. 

Think about how you typically eat and see what categories your favorite foods fall into.

Now when most people think about eating for energy they only focus on the food they are actually eating and putting into their mouth. But, that's only a piece of the puzzle. There are things in our lives, activities that we do,  that really can fill us up and nourish us in whole different way. There are four main categories of "primary food" that increase our energy levels. These are: nourishing relationships, satisfying exercise routines, career alignment and fulfillment and satisfying spiritual practices. On the flipside of that you have toxic relationships, unaligned exercise routines, unfulfilling career, and spiritual dissatisfaction.

Take a moment and think about these four categories: relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality. Would you categorize any of these as negatives in your life? If so, this could be an area of your life that is draining your energy levels and no amount of energizing food is going to fix that. So, if you've identified an area in your life listed above that could use a little improvement ask yourself  what about this don't I like and what would make it better? What would make it more joyful?

Take some time today and think about the foods you've been eating and how primary foods may be affecting your life. Identify areas that could use improvement and slowly start making changes.  For example, I have a thing for ice cream. It's delicious (obviously) and my husband likes to eat it every night. Once I realized I was eating it every night too, I noticed I has been feeling less than spunky so I cut back. Once I cut back to 1 bowl per week my energy levels soared. 

So as we head into summer, I encourage you to fill your kitchen with whole, nourishing foods that are going to provide you with endless amounts of energy so you don't end the summer completely wiped out. Download this 7 day meal plan to get you get started! I also encourage you to take a look at those primary food categories and see what could use some improvement. Where could you make tweaks or changes that will increase your happiness thereby increasing your energy everyday? Energy is a bit more complicated than just getting enough sleep. So live everyday and make decisions as if you were always eating for energy!

Comment below with any questions or insights! What could you use more/less of so you have endless energy?