Currently Loving: Cookbooks

If you're like me you can get caught in a gut of eating the same things over and over. Whether they are healthy or no so healthy sometimes I find myself just coming back to things again and again. I think it's mostly out of laziness on my part. 

Lately, this has been sprouted grain toast with avocado and hummus or simply almond butter for me. Breakfast, lunch or dinner this is a go to! And while it's delicious and definitely repeat worthy I like to change things up. Not only to keep things interesting, but also to make sure I'm getting a wide variety of nutrients. 

Whenever I am stuck in a cooking rut I turn to cookbooks for guidance! Inspiring and creative they are always a breath of fresh air in my kitchen! 

On the flip side, if you are trying to get started with a healthier lifestyle (hooray to you) finding one cookbook you really love can change our life! Most cookbooks take you through breakfast, lunch and dinner so one is all you need to totally overhaul your cooking! Head to a bookstore and browse the cookbook section and choose one that speaks to you. Look at the ingredient lists and ask yourself come questions: Are they simple or complicated? Exotic or easy to come by at your grocery store? Quick to through together or so long you would basically live in the kitchen? Choose a cookbook that will make your life easier not harder. 

If you are in need of some inspiration here are 3 of my current, and I imagine forever, favorites:

  1. One Part Plant: This amazing cookbook is my all-time favorite right now! The recipes are simple, creative and most importantly delicious! Everything is plant based since the author has endometriosis and utilizes a plant based diet to manage her symptoms (can I get a amen for plant medicine)! Even if you do not have endo this is a fantastic cookbook that is full of advice (like how to stock your pantry), nutrition, and delicious easy recipes!
  2. Eating With Intention : Another plant based cookbook with loads of deliciousness but what I love about this book is that it incorporates mindfulness and meditation. I love cooking/eating and I love meditating so the message of this book I find so inspiring. It's about slowing down, appreciating our food and nourishing our bodies and minds. 
  3. The Skinnytaste Cookbook : This cookbook started as a blog that I followed for years and I've had the cookbook since it was published in 2014. It's one I come back to time and time again! Think of all your favorite (unhealthy) foods reworked so they don't hurt your waistline. One of my favorite recipes to make for big group get togethers is the Zucchini Lasagne (holy yum)! This is a great transition cookbook to have as you are trying to revamp the way you and your picky family eats.   

I love learning about new cookbooks so comment below and let me know what some of your favorites are! 

If you need some extra guidance, like a full week long healthy eating guide, click the picture below to get my Whole Foods Meal Plan complete with recipes, printable calendar, grocery list, pantry and meal prep guide!