Do your Cravings have Cravings

My biggest struggle has always been dealing with cravings! For basically, my entire life, they have been in control. I would fixate on something that I really really wanted and it didn't matter how full or satisfied my hunger was, I still wanted whatever it was I was cravings (and in mass quantities). Does this sound familiar?

Once I graduated college and came to terms that I had some extra weight that I needed to get rid of, I threw myself into the world of fitness! I fell in love with yoga and became obsessed with The Lithe Method (a Philly based boutique fitness studio). I would workout almost every day and on the days I didn't I felt really guilty; the self shaming was real! I started to see a difference in my body, my arms had definition and my calves looked great, but my stomach and thighs basically stayed the same. 

I was frustrated and self conscious!!

I would sit on the couch thinking, "I don't know why I'm not in the best shape ever, I'm working out all the time," I was shoving Cheez-its in my mouth by the handful. Do you see what I'm getting at here!? I only was working on a part of the equation. Yes, I was working out like crazy, but that didn't matter because after that hour long sweat session I would come home and eat junk (a lot of it). Once I realized this, I really tried to make a transition to healthier eating. 

But it was HARD!

As soon as I told myself you can't eat that anymore, that is the only thing I wanted. It didn't matter that I just ate a huge dinner that was delicious and satisfying I still couldn't get past my craving for ice cream (with chocolate sauce) or half a box of Cheez-its (seriously guys, I was addicted). I felt out of control, and as if I had zero willpower. I would often say I had no self control when it came to food and that if it was in front of me I was going to eat it. This was the story I was telling myself and so that is what was happening. I felt terrible. 

Have you been there too? Tell me I'm not alone here?

I'm not sure quite when the lightbulb clicked, but I eventually it did and I realized that my cravings were my body talking to me and if I could just tap into what it was really trying to say I would be able to give it what it needed; not just what my cravings "wanted."

Overtime, I've been able to lessen my cravings but, I'm not going to lie, I still get cravings all the time! It's natural. What's important is how you deal with and respond to them. Along the way I've learned some valuable tricks for not being overcome by cravings everyday and going back to my Cheez-it addict ways!

There are some really simple lessons, I wish I knew years ago, that I want to share with you today!

I believe that cravings are the #1 reason women cannot get themselves healthy! We feel controlled by them and powerless. They eat away at our self esteem and allow us to tell ourselves we are not worthy of feeling GOOD! I want that to change right here, right now!! 

I want you to feel absolutely amazing everyday and know how to kick your cravings to the curb when they come knocking!

I want you to have the knowledge I didn't have so you can get to where you want to be sooner!

I want you to take the words "no willpower" and "no self control" out of your vocabulary! 

So just for you, the girl who just wants to keep it super simple, I put together my 6 ultimate tips for ditching your cravings FOR GOOD! This quick reference guide will have you feeling like the ultimate girl boss when it comes to cravings! Imagine feeling so empowered you are able to stick to your goals and lose the weight you would LOVE to be rid of! 

Just click here and the guide is yours! 

Want accountability? Comment below with the cravings your are struggling with and I will give you personalized recommended action steps! 

Until next time...

Wishing you a loving and light-filled life!