Three Steps to Break Away From Being Too Busy

Hello hello and welcome back! I has been a hot minute since I last posted anything here, so I am thrilled to be back. I took a little hiatus from blogging because, honestly, at the time it really wasn't bringing me joy. It felt pretty forced and it felt like chore, which are not things I want in my life. I am all about living and doing things that me feel happy and at ease. But I'm happy to say I'm finally back in the place where I am ready to share more because I feel like I finally have something of value to offer you.

Going forward I am not setting a specific schedule for my blog posts. In my life, I feel most at ease when I am doing things I feel called to do; doing things that I WANT to do rather then constantly feeling like I HAVE to do something. So while I'm not promising a regular schedule I am promising that every time a new post comes out it will be something that I wholeheartedly want to put out in the universe. It will be something that I feel and I hope will bring value to your life. My goal here is to inspire, uplift and help make your life just a little bit easier. 

With that said, today I want to offer you a piece of advice. If you want to change something in your life you need to let go of the busy excuse!

I'm back, I'm keeping it real...We've got to drop the excuses! 

Recently, all I've been hearing people talk about is how busy they are. I asked someone "how are you" and they generally say "good, busy." You asked someone "how was your week" and they respond "busy." At work, people are busy going to meetings and they've got a ton of projects on their plate (I know I do!). At home, people are busy with all different things whether they are things they love doing (parties, weekend adventures, hobbies) or things that they're obligated to do; like the dishes...why are there so many?? Either way most people's perspective on life is it's busy.

Think about it, how many times a week or even a day do you talk about how busy you are?

We live in a world that has come to glamorize being busy; or so it seems to me. We also have come to the point where we don't know how to not be busy. What little free time we may have gets filled up  with chores that may or may not need to be done or we add another social engagement to the calendar. And because we live in this busy, busy, busy world we are all so overwhelmed, tired, burnt out, and stressed (all the freakin' time). All of this overwhelm and exhaustion results in us making excuses for why we can't do the things that are hard to do in life. 

I hear people say all the time I want to start cooking/eating healthy, but I just don't have time. Or I'm going to start exercising when my schedule calms down. I really want to start taking better care of myself but I just don't have the time. My sweet friends, these are excuses! There what we tell ourselves when we don't want to do the hard stuff, the stuff that is going to take effort. They are the limiting beliefs that we are telling ourselves to make it not seem so bad that we aren't doing the things we know we should be doing. So we just get into a cycle of blaming the busy.

Think about the last few weeks, how many times did you make an excuse, whether out loud or to yourself, that you were too busy to take care of YOU? Taking care of yourself can mean slowing down because you know you're stressed out, or feeding yourself nourishing healthy food, or moving your body on the regular basis, or saying no to things you simply don't want to do.

When was the last time you made time for you? You looked at your busy schedule and said this can wait or no I don't actually need to do that. And instead you took time to take care of you?

Has it been a while?

I also want you to think about, how much time you actually waste doing things like scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, watching TV or mindlessly working on your computer? Could that time be better spent? Could that time be used to meal prep for the week or to get in a quick workout or to take a relaxing bath to destress after a long week? I want you to think about where in your day you actually aren't too busy but instead, wasting time.

Now, I don't bring all of this up to sound harsh. That's not my intent at all and I am certainly guilty of doing all of the above. But I I want to be real with you. I've personally caught myself playing the busy blame game and I have taken steps over the last couple months to try and make a change. To change my mindset away from always being busy to thinking of time as something I have plenty of. Instead of I only have 7 minutes to get out the door I now think "I have 7 whole minutes."

If you are playing the busy blame game and want to make a change I think the best way to do this  is to make a plan. So to help you get started I have three simple steps I want you to take so that you can go from a mindset of lack and overwhelm to one of abundance. If you are someone who truly wants to create change in your life, someone who desires to feel better, to have more energy and no longer feel like you have no time I know you'll take the steps and run with them!

Three steps to break away from being too busy

Three steps to break away from being too busy:

  1. For the rest of today, or all day tomorrow if you're reading this in the evening, write down everything you do throughout the day. Just keep a simple record of everything you do and how long you do it for. And I mean EVERYTHING!
  2. The next day look at that list. Notice how much time you spend on your phone or browsing social media. Notice how much time you spend doing things that you don't love. Ask yourself, are these things that I can replace, stopped doing, or say no to? By doing this you're identifying time in your day that can be better spent. 
  3. Once you've identified all the time you've been wasting or where you can scale back your responsibilities, make a plan for how you're going to better use that time. If you have a big hairy scary goal, like losing weight or cooking healthier meals or getting into an exercise routine, I encourage you to start small. Starting something such as meal prepping for one hour at the start of your week is a great place to begin. Another idea would be adding in 30 minutes of exercise a couple days a week. The idea is once you start doing those small steps you'll be able to incorporate more healthy steps to get you even closer to your goals.

Now, don't feel like you need to fill in every minute of the time you were wasting. Allow for space in your day; remember you want to get away from being "too busy." Understand that time is abundant and that you have far more time in your day to reach your goals that you originally thought. I challenge you to let go of the word busy. Just drop it from your vocabulary. Instead, look at your time and spend it wisely. Spend it doing things you love and things that will get you to where you want to be.

Be better then your excuses. Be better than busy.


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