Blueberry Almond Summer Salad

Happy Friday! I am coming to you today with a super delicious and super simple recipe that is perfect for the summer! So, when tossing together dinner the other night, I was looking for something easy, to compliment the lemon chicken I had baking in the oven. If you're like me, week night meals need to be simple. With the holiday weekend coming up I had not fully stock the fridge so we were a little low on veggies. Luckily, I had a pint of blueberries and spring mix on the bottom shelf and I knew I had what I needed.

Let me tell ya, these blueberries are probably the best I have ever tasted! They are NJ local and organic (basically perfection) and I got them as part of my weekly fruit share. I joined an organic CSA this year and am absolutely loving the variety of seasonal fruit I receive every week. If you don't know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. 

It works like this, you sign up through a farm in your area, pay upfront and receive a weekly share of their harvest.  It's the best way to support your local farmers, eat local and seasonal food, while explore produce you may have never tried before (especially if you're like me and buy the same things every week because your store has no organic variety). Every week its a surprise what you will get and its so fun creatively incorporating everything into your diet.

I just love it!

If interested, go here and find one near you!

I had been wanting to sign up for one for a CSA for a few years now but, since John and I grow a pretty large vegetable garden at home during the summer it did not make sense, since most CSA's are vegetable only or vegetable and fruit shares. As luck would have it, I happened across Cecil Creek Farm a few months ago when looking for a local organic farm. I found out they not only had a CSA, but they also had a fruit only share option! My CSA prayers had been answered; so obviously I signed up immediately! Anyways back to the blueberries, I was so happy to see them on the list the past 2 weeks because boy oh boy are they delicious!!

Summer simplicity

Sometimes, something as simple as a blueberry is all you need to pull a meal together. This salad is perfect for the summer. It is light, a little sweet, a little tart and has a nice crunch from the nuts and seeds. Most of all, its super simple to throw together. I don't know about you, but when I am going to make a salad for dinner I do not want to spend a half hour chopping and making a complicated dressing. I just want to toss it in a bowl and have it taste amazing! 

 Blueberry Summer Salad

Blueberry Summer Salad


  1. 2 handfuls of Spring Mix Greens
  2. 1/2 cup blueberries
  3. 2 tbsp sliced Almonds
  4. 2 tsp chia seeds


  1. 1 tbsp olive oil
  2. juice from 1/2 a lemon


  1. Top greens with blueberries, almonds and chia seeds.
  2. Combine olive oil and lemon juice in a small bowl.
  3. Mix and dress the salad