Hi friend!

Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Lyndsey I'm a certified holistic health coach, marinated in essential oils and lover of all things dark chocolate + high vibe! I started using essential oils when I began detoxing my beauty care routine in 2015 and was hooked after learning about all the things they could & should replace in my daily life! No more researching and figuring out which products had the least chemicals; I found my one stop wellness shop for all things beauty, cleaning, supplements, skin care, hair care, emotional, hormone and workout support. 

As my passion for wellness grew I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I received my health coaching certification in 2017. Over that year I was immersed in the world of dietary theories, healthy habits  and lifestyle shifts. Gaining a better understanding of how prevalent toxins and chemicals are in our world and how they affect the body made my passion for essential oils, clean products and their benefits grow even stronger.

I love working with the growing tribe of women that make up the Exploring Wellness Society, helping them embrace a more holistic way of life and giving them the tools they need to achieve what wellness looks like to them. Join us and start your journey today!

I live in New Jersey with my incredible husband and our orange fur ball  Kazak. We dream of living on Maui (at least part time). Llamas are my spirit animal. I love connecting with high vibe souls, decorating & redecorating, plants (both for eating and decoration), avocados, kundalini yoga and meditation, hot tea all day every day, and a good lazy morning.  

You can find me over on instagram @exploring_wellness or email me at lyndsey@exploringwellness.co